Dean C. Younce, D.M.D., P.A.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


Reconstructive surgeries are done to correct functional use of the mouth and jaw. Although an enhanced appearance is often a result of these surgeries, the restoration of functionality is the main focus. Orthognathic procedures and repairs of a cleft lip or palate fall under this category.


An orthognathic procedure, or corrective jaw surgery, is performed to correct misaligned or damaged jaw bones. Corrective jaw surgery may be needed if you have a protruding or receding jaw, difficulty chewing or biting, an under or over bite, an unbalanced facial appearance, a speech impediment, or chronic jaw pain. Corrective jaw surgery could entail the installment of braces to align teeth; the reshaping or addition of bone; the use of plates, wires, or screws; and small incisions made on the inside of the mouth, depending on the severity of the case. A consultation with Dr. Younce would determine whether an orthognatic procedure would be right for you.


A cleft is defined as an opening or gap. A cleft lip or palate typically occurs as an abnormal facial development during gestation, resulting in tissue, incompletely fused, when the child is born. A cleft lip or palate may cause difficulties in eating and speech, and could possibly have negative effects on the child's social development. However, clefts can be repaired with reconstructive surgery. Call our office today at 939-4242 to schedule a consultation and receive more information about treatment.